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The Joy Of Senses

The Joy Of  Senses - Piaggione di Serravalle

 Touch is what makes Man and animals capable of detecting, with precision, the stimuli of direct skin contact with objects around us. Touch, despite its apparent simplicity, is a complex sense, spread all over our body. Every square centimetre of skin contains around 130 tactile sensors.

With us, you can reawaken them all and find unique, forgotten sensations hidden by our frenetic daily lives. Discover the caresses of warm or hot hydro-massages; the stimulation of massages performed by expert hands over your body; the unique sensations of walking barefoot over aromatic grasses; the emotions of stroking the many animals that live in the park, and holding the products that are an integral part of Chianti’s culture. We believe that trying all these will restore a myriad of physical and emotional sensations, helping you recognise the external and internal reality, unlocking the door to your spirit.