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The five senses

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Once at Piaggione you will find a bronze sculpture that marks a line the immaginary  border from everyday life to the new reality of our place. This sculpture is  "Estia" which, as in the ancient Greek mythology,  symbolizes the custody of the gate, securing a place in the house untouched, announcing guests the safety, welfare, well-being that goes through self-knowledge.
How can we get in deep communication with our inner life when everyday life has deprived us of that ability to listen?
Here's a good reason to come to Piaggione
The five sculptural images that are found in outdoor tell you what this place has to offer: the chance to rediscover yourself through all the senses.
The housing of the place depicted by Estia reassures our inner calling for it to be defended by a daily increasingly invasive and not very responsive to our authentic needs. If we place ourselves in listening to ourselves we will recover our sensory dimension, we strip off the superfluous and we are in a position to be attuned to the world around us. A magic circle that connects the self with the other and with the entire universe.
Crossing the threshold we meet the five sculptures that symbolize, in turn, the senses. They are there to remind us gradually, the value of the step by step to communicate with ourselves. So one at a time to recognize that we discover our essence of men and women of nowadays lacks a sensory snapshot spontaneity.