Piaggione di Serravalle Relax in the heart of Chianti Classico


 - Piaggione di Serravalle

At Piaggione of Serravalle you will discover La Loggia , a small wellness paradise. Created from the predilection of the family for aesthetics, health and body care, La Loggia, with its large windows, treasures the most precious secrets for a complete physical and mental relaxation. You can let yourself go under soothing jets of hot water or to the 37 ° C of the indoor hot tub. In alternative, you can be enveloped by the warm therapeutic infrared sauna, until it reaches the adjustable temperatures up to 65 ° C. In between sessions, you can relax on our ergonomic lounge chairs, underneath the beautiful orchids and tropical plants. Descending the stone steps from La Loggia you will access the hammam area, inspired by the most renowned spas of the Etruscans and the Romans and a room entirely dedicated to the art of massage, with a comfortable shower and the glittering mosaics of the Turkish bath. The steam bath together with the chromotherapy and aromatherapy, as well as being beneficial to the skin and respiratory system, contributes to the proper relaxation of the mind and the body.

La Loggia del Piaggione has a very unique characteristic: it's a spa area that we let upon request so that you can enjoy it privately in company of friends or family.


We offer the following treatments


Hot tub with Jacuzzi 36/37 ° C: Being within the panoramic Loggia, it's always available even with cooler outside temperatures or at nighttime: you will be immersed in nature and protected by the large panoramic windows and can be used comfortably by four people,.

Infrared Sauna: Very beneficial for your body, but without the side effects of a traditional sauna, the operating temperature ranges from 45 to 60 °C and can be used by everyone.

Turkish Bath: The turkish bath, is a steam bath at 35-38 °C. The ambience decorated with mosaics is equipped with all comforts, a chromotherapy light, a small fountain to refresh your wrists and your face and a hand shower to cool the lower limbs. Ten minutes are required for your skin and the respiratory tracts to gain great benefit, then, before repeating the session we recommend a warm shower. During or after the treatment you can relax in the lodge or in the small garden reserved for wellness from where you can comfortably access the pool area outside.


 In the wellness area is located a comfortable lounge for massages that will favor your complete relax. 

 On appointment, a specialist will be at your disposal to provide you with a massage: ayurveda, relaxation, reflexology etc. If you desire to take advantage of these treatments, we recommend contacting us before arrival.


 - Piaggione di Serravalle