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HEAR THE SOUNDS OF NATURE - Piaggione di Serravalle

 There is no denying that city life is stressful, with its constant traffic and annoying soundscapes that only serve to increase our sense of irritation. “What am I doing here?” We ask! We cast about for someone, or something, to blame for our attitudes, but each of us is responsible and, sadly, the decision to drop everything and live in the countryside is not an easy one to make. Our modern lifestyles, societies and the world we live in are changing us at a deep, profound level.

For this reason, staying with us will feel like the discovery of something genuinely new: you will feel as if you have returned to the very origins of humanity, hearing the sounds of nature in all her scope and complexity—the sounds of life itself. The sounds of the night will be like a massage of the brain—nature’s own musical therapy.
You won’t need to set the timer on your iPhone to play songs that send you to sleep; here, nature is music!
Sometimes, you may find that you cannot sleep at night, not because of nature’s symphonies, but because the rumbling noises of modern society have damaged your very being. The long wait for sleep is a period of reconciliation between your self and the life your body craves. And if Morpheus takes a while to arrive, know that the vigil is not wasted time. Your body is rediscovering itself and does not want to stop listening to nature’s soundtrack for mere, ordinary, sleep.